Who is Mocha Motive?

Mocha Motive was founded by two 19-year-old entrepreneurs, Alex Johnson and Joshua Lawrence, with the idea that great local coffee and drinks should be accessible everywhere. We aim to serve the entire Salt Lake Valley where ever there is a desire for better coffee and friendly service!

Our Story

The idea began in 2016 when Alex (coffee enthusiast extraordinaire) thought of starting a tip-based coffee stand at the University of Utah. After weighing the options and adding Josh to the mix, it was decided that a trailer would better serve the business.

We had the plan to buy an old flat bad trailer and convert it into a full-fledged coffee trailer. Again the idea didn’t stick, and we returned to twiddling our thumbs. 

In the early summer of 2017, we found an existing beautiful (albeit purple and green) 1974 coffee truck in Northern California that would perfectly fit our plan. We scheduled a date and left to pick up the truck in August, 2017. After a grueling 25 hour drive home in a constantly overheating truck (it blasted sparks out of the exhaust at one point) we miraculously made it home.

After three months of renovation and construction, Mocha Motive was complete.

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